Next Tesla Roadster Takes A Step Into Flying Cars!

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Tesla became the most talked about carmaker in recent years due to their loud call for a global shift from ICE cars to EVs. Following that, Tesla started a master-race on complete automation when they released Autopilot on their cars.

Now, Tesla is eyeing yet another developmental race and it is with flying cars. Elon Musk mentioned last month about how the next-gen Tesla Roadster will more powerful than what was previewed earlier this year and the details actually tease on a big first step into the development of flying cars.

Musk revealed that the Roadster will be faster through the SpaceX program, which will see the halo EV relying on rocket thrusters to boost speed. Rocket thrusters is a hardware used heavily on space-bound vehicles and their application on the Roadster will generate data for the development of flying cars.

The fact that Tesla has not mention about flying cars with the Roadster suggests that they want to keep this project under the tabs until they have a breakthrough that is worth sharing with the world.