Next TJ Cruiser Fusing Every Toyota Into One!

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The next-gen TJ Cruiser is on the verge of making its debut and its arrival will mark the commencement of Toyota’s mass SUV expansion.

Earlier today, Toyota teased that the production-ready TJ Cruiser may appear at the LA Auto Show next month before talking about how they are able to combine their winning creations to raise the expectations with the upcoming SUV.

This basically means that the TJ Cruiser will be designed with all the good bits on a variety of successful vehicles from Toyota. For example, the design of the SUV will be heavily inspired by the Highlander for style and rigidity.

Meanwhile, the cabin design will look towards maximizing practicality through adopting a minivan layout based on the Sienna. Power will be developed by a Prius-inspired hybrid setup and the all-terrain performance will be similar to the Tacoma.

The full details will be out at the LA Auto Show next month and we will update here accordingly. Are you excited?