Next Toyota 86 May Arrive In Two Variants!

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We are weeks away from the official launching of the next-gen Toyota 86 and we can’t wait to check out what the sports car can offer. According to Toyota, the 86 will have about 205hp to offer from the same 2L 4-cylinder engine.

Some are already writing off the 86 as a failure since power is increased by only 5hp but it is too early to label the car as weak. Even if fails to impress, Toyota might have a backup plan and that is to launch a second version of the 86.

The rumours today are claiming that a higher trim 86 will have tons more power to offer as it drops the 4-pot unit for a V6 engine. The V6 will have the sane architecture as the one that was launched on the second generation RAV4 and it will be refined to serve the 86 well.

As exciting as this sound, the above is still based on rumours and it should be taken with a grain of salt. Having the V6 on board the 86 will certainly turn it into a beast of a car. Wouldn’t you agree?