Next Toyota FJ Cruiser: No Plans For Another 4Runner!

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The last LA Auto Show saw Toyota confirming on the development of several new SUVs and one of them is going to be the spiritual successor for the FJ Cruiser. While the name of the vehicle is not known yet, Toyota mentioned that the SUV will be aimed at competing against the Jeep Wrangler.

Rumours from last month have claimed that the next-gen FJ Cruiser will be a vehicle that is based largely on the Toyota Tacoma. In this sense, the SUV will be nothing more than a Tacoma without the bed of a pickup truck.

Such a setup would do well because the Tacoma is already a proven performer in the off-road realm and this is crucial for a vehicle intending to compete with the Wrangler. But on the other hand, Toyota already has a Tacoma-based SUV in the 4Runner hence we don’t see how this will come true.

Until more clarification is provided, we don’t see how the next-gen FJ Cruiser will come out to become a twin vehicle to the 4Runner. More on this will be revealed at the LA Auto Show this November.