Next Toyota MR2 Wants To Be An EV Miata!

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Toyota’s newfound commitment to revive their fun and sporty ways have led them to steal the headlines numerous times via the upcoming, next-generation Supra.

Well, for today, Toyota has something else to share and it is that the next-gen Supra won’t be the end of the road in the performance program. The Japanese carmaker revealed that they are hungry for the revival of more sports cars and one of the vehicles on the cards is a new MR2.

While not official yet, Toyota has visions of the next-gen MR2 operating on a full EV powertrain to compete with the likes of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The MR2 will get slotted below the 86 once the ideas get the approval of the board.

The odds are certainly in favour of the next-gen MR2 to follow up on the return of the Supra and this is especially after Toyota released the pre-production sketches of the car. Are you excited?