Next Toyota Supra Can Be A Nightmare For Used Car Buyers!

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Plenty has been revealed on the next-gen Toyota Supra but not the details of the powertrain and the car’s launching date. But if the clues are to be referred to, we may already know the BMW-sourced inline-6 engine that will feature on the Supra.

If you are to check out the car’s full parts diagram here, it indicates that the timing chain is situation on the back of the engine. This is the exact design used by BMW on the B58 engine and some that has read the diagram quoted the mill to fit the description of the B58C.

Should that be the outcome on the Supra, the 3L inline-6 turbocharged engine will likely have a power rating of 320hp. It’s a decent figure for a midrange sports car like the next-gen Toyota Supra.

But more importantly, driving data has shown that the B58 mill will require extra car from its owners. Those that owns a BMW with the powertrain will know better that the engine needs constant attention on the tensioner, chain and vanos related services.

To keep things short, it isn’t going to be cheap and the reliability will greatly vary depending on how you drive the Supra. It’s also worth mentioning that those with a tight budget that bought a BMW with a B58 has never enjoyed a happy start with the car. Perhaps it may be the same for the next-gen Supra.