Next Toyota TJ Cruiser Will Blend Proven Products Together

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Toyota is on the brink of launching more new SUVs and among them is the TJ Cruiser. Also dubbed as the most complete vehicle in the SUV scene, the TJ Cruiser brings big promises to consumers worldwide.

Checking out Toyota’s plans for the TJ Cruiser will tell you that the vehicle will incorporate all the proven features of Toyota’s other products. For example, the design of the SUV will be heavily inspired by the Highlander for style and rigidity.

Meanwhile, the cabin design will look towards maximizing practicality through adopting a minivan layout based on the Sienna. Last but not least, Toyota is hoping to cement the TJ Cruiser’s green status through equipping the vehicle with a hybrid setup that is similar to the latest Prius.

To complete the TJ Cruiser’s identity, Toyota promises to finish everything off by hand the SUV great off-road ability and respectable on-road performance.

These are the goals of the TJ Cruiser and we will get a better idea of the outcome when the vehicle makes its official unveiling at the LA Auto Show next month. Are you excited?