Next Toyota TJ Cruiser Won’t Be A Tacoma Variant, Here’s Why

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Back at the 2017 LA Auto Show, Toyota confirmed on the development of more new SUVs and this includes a couple off all-terrain, body-on-frame models. Toyota did not go into detail but we are convinced that there will be an SUV to compete with the Jeep Wrangler.

The vehicle is tentatively-known as the TJ Cruiser and rumours are now claiming that it is being built based on the Tacoma. This is a claim which we don’t expect to come true because Toyota already got an SUV that is based on their midsized pickup truck. It is the 4Runner.

Having the 4Runner and the TJ Cruiser occupying the same segment won’t be a sound business decision hence we are flagging this rumour as false. The way we see it, the TJ Cruiser will be built on a new platform and have a setup that is unique.

The TJ Cruiser won’t be Toyota’s first attempt against the Wrangler as the carmaker once had the FJ Cruiser. The latter turned out to be a failure hence we can expect Toyota to look at unique elements to boost the prospects of the TJ Cruiser.