Next Volkswagen Golf R: Is $7k Price-Spike For 50HP Justified?

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The hot hatch scene has hit a new high in recent years and this is thanks to the arrival of the new generation Ford Focus RS and also the Honda Civic Type R.

Volkswagen has long been a player in the hot hatchback scene but they are still pending to bring out an updated Golf R to address the stiffer competition. The current Golf R is no longer good enough as it is significantly behind the Ford Focus RS in terms of performance and is only narrowly faster than the FWD-tailored Honda Civic Type R.

Clearly, there is a need for a new-generation Golf R and Volkswagen is well aware of it. A report from Car&Driver surfaced online earlier today and it claims that the Golf R MK8 is already in the works and we can look forward to seeing a production-ready model before the year ends.

This is really exciting but after reading up the details, we are left unsure on the car’s potential for success. The word is that the next Golf R will ditch the turbo-4 setup for the new VR6 engine which promises a 50hp upgrade over the current model. But on the downside of things, VW is planning to charge $41,000 for the Golf R and this is about $7,000 more expansive than the current model.

For an addition of 50hp, we find the upcoming Golf R as a vehicle that is potentially overpriced. Hot hatchbacks are popular and loved for their affordability and the price hike of the next Golf R is stretching that boundary.

On the other hand, the price hike can be forgivable if the VW dealers can maintain their no MSRP mark-up policy thus making it easy for consumers to approach the next-gen Golf R.