Next Volkswagen Golf R Signals The End Of Ford Focus RS

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What is there not to like about the Volkswagen Golf R? The sports hatch is fast, powerful and affordable to own. However, the current Golf R is now showing its age as the car is unable to compete fiercely with newer rivals.

Volkswagen is aware of this hence they have moved forward to develop the next-gen Golf R and the vehicle is projected to arrive next year. Reports from Germany are claiming that the next-gen Golf R is planning to lose a lot of weight and it will also get improvements on the engine.

The current Golf R has 292hp to offer from a 2L turbocharged mill and VW is aiming at 350hp with the next-gen model. Such an outcome will allow the Golf R will give the vehicle an edge over rival Ford Focus RS, especially when you consider that the performance of the Golf R is often underrated by Volkswagen.

Together with a new design and aerodynamics, we can assume that the Golf R will be made to perform faster than the current best affordable sports hatch, the Ford Focus RS. The official details are expected to surface later this year and we can’t wait to hear them.