Nintendo Switch Showing Sony & Microsoft Who’s The Boss

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Nintendo have been offering their consoles for years now but the Wii U console that they had to offer could not come close to what the Sony and Microsoft was offering. It also did not help that the Wii U did not really had that many itneresting games to bring the crowd in.

Well, things started to change for Nintendo with the new Nintendo Switch console. While people were skeptical about whether or not the console would be able to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One, there is no question now that the Nintendo Switch definitely has its own appeal.

According to a report from NPD Group, Nintendo helped pushed the hardware sales by 80% bring the overall total of $5.1 billion. While the other console also saw in increase in sales, it was reported that Nintendo mode more money on console hardware compared to any other compnay last year.

Nintendo’s games were also a huge hit last year with seven of the top 20 games coming from the Switch. How surprise are you by these results?