Nissan 370Z Pushes Successor Further Behind!

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Recent years saw Nissan transiting from an exciting Japanese carmaker into a boing brand in the automotive realm. This cannot be avoided as Nissan has been delaying the development of the next-gen GT-R, as well as the Z-car.

The latter, in particular, is desperate for a successor and rumours were claiming that Nissan will have a preview model for show later this year. But based on Nissan’s recent announcement, it looks like the successor for the 370Z is still many years away from getting released.

Nissan admitted today that the idea is in the works but such a statement has been repeated for far too long already. If that is not bad enough, Nissan went on to reveal that the 2019 370Z will get refreshed with two new colour options and an upgraded infotainment system.

This isn’t something that will please the enthusiasts as the 370Z is still considered outdated for its price at current time. A new model is needed and we don’t know how long it will take Nissan to bring it out.