Nissan Altima & Maxima Have A Future In SUV-Filled World

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Being a follower or a fan of Nissan can get confusing and this is especially after the carmaker’s recent remarks on the SUV trend.

About a couple of weeks ago, Nissan Europe made it clear that they will be phasing out names like the Pulsar and other small cars to establish a crossover and SUV-filled line-up. It’s a move that is identical to what Ford is doing in their home market.

But yesterday, Nissan changed their tunes when they revealed that the US market will start demanding for new Altima and Maxima within years from now.

Nissan was reportedly saying that the future drivers will view crossovers and SUVs as the new “soccer mom’s car” and this will push them towards reviving the sedans and hatchbacks craze.

As such, Nissan will not pull the plug on the Altima and the Maxima here in the US. They will instead reduce production volume until the segment show signs of recovery.