Nissan Altima Recalled Issue Not Fix?

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A few years ago, Nissan issued a recall to call back their Nissan Altima. At that time, it was explaon that there might be some issue with the rear doors that could open without any warning putting the back passengers at risk.

Since it was recalled, you would think that the issues has been solved but Nissan has now issues a recall for the same batch of vehicles for the same issue.

Those affected will be the 2015 to 2017 Nissan Altima. A total of 341,003 untis will be affected. The issue is that the door latch-lock cable were not routed correctly to the rear doors and was interfering with a window regulator. When lowering the rear window, the door could open too.

With the latest recall, Nissan will be checking the affected models to make syre the latch-lock cables are in the correct position.