Nissan Breaks Silence On Next-Gen 370Z

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It has finally happened. Nissan has started talking about the successor of the 370Z and they even showed strong desire as well as commitment while at it.

The message came through Nissan’s Jean-Pierre Diernaz and he revealed that the silence of the Z-car should not be perceived as a hope-killer. The lad precisely quoted that “sports cars are part of Nissan’s identity so one way or another they have to be here.”

Diernaz got more specific when he revealed that the sequel to the 370Z “is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’”. This basically clears the air on the fate of the Z-car thus confirming that a next-gen model will happen.

But of course, things are still pretty vague at the moment and there is no way to predict when the next Z will arrive. If it is 100 years from now, it still won’t contradict to Nissan’s statement above.