Nissan EVs Will Not Please All

Nissan is preparing to take over the EV world with their upcoming Nissan e-4ORCE and if their latest prototype is any indication on what it will have to offer, the other automakers will not be pleased when the Nissan EV finally arrive.

The prototype is actually a Nissan Leaf Plus model that has been fitted with two Leaf Plus motor, one in the front and one in the back along with a Nissan e-4ORCE AWD system. The vehicle was available for testing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway during CES and those that did test it out only seems to have good news to offer.

Most commented on the impressive response that the vehicle seems to have from the go-pedal as Nissan claims that their dual-motor EV system is quicker than any other dual-motor EV system it was tested with.

They also got to test out the rear motor regenerative braking which will keep the car’s pace and brake smoothly. Perfect for those that get carsick easily.

At this point, Nissan does not seem to have a release date yet but we do hope that we will be seeing it soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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