Nissan GT-R: Power Takes A Back Seat

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Ever since Nissan brought out the Nissan GT-R, it has become one of the favourite for tuning conpanies with many of them pushing the vehicle to deliver about 1000hp or even 2000hp but this is not what one Nissan GT-R owner is looking to do with his model.

According to the reports, instead of fitting the GT-R with crazy engines, his goal will be to make the GT-R the lightest GT-R out there. To make that happen, the owner will be replacing every single piece of exterior bodywork with carbon fiber. This inlcudes the hood, doors, bumpers and fenders.

With all of that replaced, he ended up shaving 310 pounds of weight off the GT-R. The weight saving method might make this one of the more unique GT-R out there but it comes at a price. In fact, it cost the owner $76,000 to make this happen.

With that kind of money, some people would prefer to give it ane engine upgrade but that would just be another tuned GT-R model out there.