Nissan IDx Fate Explained By Employee

We have seen a lot of interesting concepts from Nissan in the past few years with one of them being the IDx concepts which were shown back in 2013. Sadly, nothing came out of it.

A Nissan engineer has now explained why the IDx never really did take off. According to aelric22 on Reddit, one of the reasons why it did not make it was that the vehicle would be competing in the same market as the 370Z which would not be the best for Nissan.

Nissan also did not have a place to build the sports car as the only option left is Tochigi, Japan, the 370z plant but the site will have to be upgraded to handle the production of the IDx and that would cost Nissan too much.

He also added that the profit margin for the sports car like the IDx is too small to actually make sense. Based on that, it looks like we can write the IDx off for now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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