Nissan Kicks New Concept Will Hit All The Right Spot With Surfers

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Nissan will have a new concept for the Nissan Kicks called the Nissan Kick Surfs concept. As if the name alone is not obvious enough, the new concept was created with surfing in mind.

Created with the input of Alejo and Santiago Muniz, the brothers who are also surfing champions. Besides coming in with a blue and yellow exterior that was suppose to represent the different tones of the ocean water, the vehicle is also fitted with a lot of features like roof bars for boards, rear deck for wet-suits and more.

Of course, we do not know if Nissan will ever turn this into a production model but fans are hoping that Nissan would at least offer some sort of package or accessory option so that surfers can actually get this.

The Nissan Kicks Surf will be launched in Sao Paulo. What do you think of the concept?