Nissan Leaf Battery Will Be Hanging Around For Some Time

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Your Nissan Leaf model might last you a couple of years but the battery will be staying for longer. At least that is what Nissan is saying.

According to the managing director of Renault-Nissan Energy Services, the batteries that Nissan is currently using for their Leaf will outlast the vehicle by 10 to 12 years.

It was added that the company will have to find ways to recover those batteries and that they are already working on a few projects that will make used of these new and used batteries.

It was also suggested that Nissan owners to earn some money with the batteries by storing energy and returning it to the grid when it is not being used. Of course, we do not know when we will see this happening but with electric cars now becoming more and more mainstream, projects like this would be very important in the future.

The latest Nissan Leaf Plus comes powered by a 62kWh battery that will offer about 226miles and will have about 214hp to offer.