Nissan Leaf Can Turn You Into An Electric Merchant

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The new-generation Nissan Leaf features an advanced battery technology that allows a two-way direct connection with a grid. This means that the car can be charged by plugging into a grid or contribute to the grid electrical volume.

With that being said, the authorities in Germany has approved the Leaf as the first car in the nation that can sell electricity to the nation’s electrical grid.

The locals have tested out the Leaf’s vehicle-to-grid technology and it works illustriously well. It was then when Germany revealed that they will pay for electricity that has been contributed to the grid by Leaf owners whenever there is a demand for it.

This is a great thing for Leaf owners because the near future will witness a surge in EVs in the country. The incline in EVs will demand power from Germany and the grid may not have the capacity to support the demand. In that scenario, you can put your merchant face on and sell your electricity.

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  1. Sean

    October 30, 2018 at 11:50 am

    Prior Leafs can do this as well “two-way direct connection with a grid”