Nissan Leaf e+ Is The Missing Long Range We Have Been Waiting For

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We were hoping to see the longer range EV last year but it did not happen but Nissan did have a longer range EV to offer which they showed off at CES this year.

Called the Leaf e+, the longer range model will be able to offer about 226miles of range with the 62kWh battery pack that the vehicle is fitted with. To put things into perspective, the standard Leaf offers about 150miles right now.

Nissan also announced that they have developed a 70kW charging system that would allow quick charge for the larger battery pack. It is estimated that with the faster charging system, the Nissan Leaf e+ wuld be able to replenish about 135miles of range in 30 minutes.

Besides offering more range, the Nissan Lead e+ will also be offering about 201hp and 250 lb-ft of torque now. Despite all the upgrades, Nissan will still be keeping its old air cooling system.

With the longer range, the Nissan Leaf e+ will be able to compete with models like the Chevrolet Bolt and Hyundai Kona.