Nissan Leaf E-Plus Is The 200-Mile Leaf You Want

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The new-generation Nissan Leaf has been selling at a steady pace, even when the numbers are nothing worth writing about. The reason for the Leaf’s failure at enjoying explosive launch sales is due to the absence of a 200-mile model.

For some strange reasons, Nissan has decided to save the long-range model for a later release date and we now know that this particular car will be debuting at the LA Auto Show next month.

Nissan has confirmed on this when they revealed that they will launch a 60kWh battery pack with the Leaf and it will see the car having an estimated driving range of 240 miles. This reveal was quickly followed up by a leak dealer document which cited the vehicle as the Leaf E-Plus and it will retail from $3,600.

If true, the Leaf E-Plus will be about $5,500 more expansive than the current model but you will get to enjoy an extra 100 miles on a fully charged battery. The full details will be out next month.