Nissan Leaf E-Plus On The Chopping Block?

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We were all expecting Nissan to show off the Nissan Leaf E-Plus model at the LA Auto Show this year but that did not happen and many believe that it might be because of their recent issues with the former chairman, Carlos Ghosn.

Instead of seeing the longer range Nissan Leaf E-Plus, what we got was the refreshed version of the Nissan Maxima and Nissan Murano. It is believed that the original plans were to have actress and brand ambassador Margot Robbie unveiling the Nissan Leaf at a media event and while the event did go on, no long-range Nissan Leaf was seen.

According to a spokesman from Nissan, the announcement for the 2019 Nissan Leaf with additional performance capabilities will be pushed to a later date. They did not mention when the new date will be set.

Initial rumors suggest that the Nissan Leaf E-Plus was going to come fitted with a 60kWh battery pack that would allow the vehicle to travel about 225miles instead of 151miles like the standard model.