Nissan Leaf Sales Blip Is Only Temporary, Here’s Why

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A couple of days ago, Nissan launched the new generation Leaf. The new Leaf boasts a driving range that is beyond 150 miles and it is about $7,000 cheaper than the Chevrolet Bolt before tax incentives.

Nissan revealed that the new Leaf is merely the entry-level model. Those that crave a driving range that is beyond 200 miles will need to wait a little longer as it is not available at the moment.

Even so, the Leaf is still in a strong sales position and it may be end 2017 with the biggest volume here in the US (putting aside Tesla). August last month points to this outcome as Nissan is still able to move more than 1,000 Leafs in spite of the new-generation model.

While the Leaf may have lost its place to the Bolt on the EV charts, the gap is very narrow and it can be addressed with the new Leaf. Hence, it is perhaps right to say that the sales blip for the Leaf is only temporary. The odds are siding with the car to end the year on a high.