Nissan Leaf: September Refresh Not Hurting Age-Old Offering

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The problem with EV cars is that they tend to age quickly and this is due to the rapid improvements on battery technologies. As such, many are labelling the current Leaf as an outdated offering as the technology it runs on is almost 7 years old.

Despite having mild improvements to the driving range across the years, the Leaf can only do 107 miles at best and this is far behind the current market demand. However, against all odds, the old Leaf is still enjoying strong sales in the market.

The month of June 17 further proves this point as the Leaf grew by a margin of 25.1% year-to-year. About 1,506 Leaf were delivered last month and this is very impressive for an age-old car. It is more amazing when you consider that a new generation Leaf is coming out this September.

Perhaps, this may have to do with the fact that the Leaf is the cheapest EV money can buy right now. The car is going away with a $10,000 discount and an additional $7,500 in rebates thus making a great purchase for value hunters.