Nissan Navara Beats Ford F450 Super Duty Limited Pricing!

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The Ford F-450 Super Duty Limited is never a cheap pickup truck as it has an MSRP that is slightly above $100,000. This is an insane calling fee for a pickup truck but you will get the best hauling experience in the full-sized pickup department.

If you’re expecting luxuries, you should avoid the F-450 Super Duty Limited and look at the Nissan Navara because the midsized pickup is about to welcome a $122,000 model.

For this to make sense, the $122,000 vehicle we are talking about is a new variant of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. The X-Class is a pickup truck that is based on the Navara and Mercedes has teased earlier today that there will be a new Maybach-inspired model coming out in the near future.

Mercedes calls it the X-Class Yachting Edition and it will have a cabin that can rival a pure, high-end luxury car. The details are not out yet, aside from the projected price of $122,000 and we are curious to see if there is going to be any changes made to the performance of the vehicle.

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