Nissan New Tech Shown At CES, Will Make You See Things

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Nissan will be CES where they will be showing off some of their new tech including the new Invisible-to-Visible connected-car technology that is like a 3D immersion experience that includes VR and avatars.

The new tech is called the 12V and it will be using sensors that is fitted on the outside and inside to collect all the data. The tech will be able to track the surroundings of the vehicle and anticipate things that the driver might not see.

There is also the whole augmented reality avatar feature where family and friends are allowed to appear in the car as a 3D image to provide company to the driver. The whoile demnstration will show what the tech can do which is pretty impressive but we are not sure all of it will actually make it over to their vehicle in the near future.

More details will be reveal when Nissan talks abuot it at CES this week. For now, you can check out all the images that Nissan has released about the tech to get a btter idea of what it is about.