Nissan NV Future Not Looking Too Good

It looks like the future of some of Nissan’s model is not going to be that bright as the new report seems to claim that the Nissan NV along with a few other models will be killed off soon.

According to Automotive News, Nissan’s three vans, the NV Cargo, NV Passenger, and NV200 might be killed off. Nothing has been confirmed yet but seeing as these models are all pretty dated and there have been no news about these models getting an update soon, it would not surprise us if these actually get axed.

One reason why these vans might get killed off is because of their poor sales with many looking at Ford vans over Nissan vans. However, this does not mean we won’t be seeing any more commercial vehicles coming from Nissan as they did show off an e-NV200 a few years ago that came fitted with an EV powertrain.

Author: Staff Reporter

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