Nissan To Follow Ford To Kill Off Sedans?

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Nissan announced last week that they are looking to cut 10% of their global product lineup and while they did not say what models they plan to take out from their lineup some people have already started speculating on what models Nissan might be killing off.

There are a few other Nissan model that has not been doing too well this few years so Nissan probably won’t have the hardest time deciding which models to cut but some people are saying that we might see the sedans and small cars go similar to what Ford did to clean up their line up.

One model that people think will be the first to go is the Nissan Maxima which actually did pretty well when it was first released thanks to its sporty dynamics and excellent practicality but it is no longer that sporty model anymore now and its popularity has suffered because of that.

Other models that we might see on the chopping block is the Infiniti Q70 and the Nissan 370Z. What do you think?