Nissan Web Marketing Campaign Provokes Model 3

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The Nissan Leaf is a great EV car to own but you can’t deny that it is of age. The current Leaf is now neither special nor exceptional as rival EV cars are able to match its offerings.

While everyone is calling for Nissan to give the Leaf an update, the carmaker decided to launch a new web marketing campaign to further promote the vehicle. As how you can see in the image embedded above, Nissan subtly provokes the Tesla Model 3 in the advert.

Nissan is pointing out that the Leaf is readily available for purchase for consumers that truly want to switch to EV. The carmaker then went on to say that you don’t have to deposit money on an EV car that is not even developed. In case you are unaware, Tesla Motors have been taking in deposits to fund thee Model 3’s development.

Well, Nissan should be aware that the Model 3 is not going to be anything like the Leaf. The car is projected to have over 200 miles of driving range, doubling that of the Leaf. Perhaps Nissan should just focus on developing the next-gen Leaf if they wish to remain relevant.