Nissan Working On New EV Models?

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We got to see the Nissan IMx Concept at Tokyo last year and it looks like Nissan might be looking take it further.

New reports revealed that Nissan recenrly filed a few trademarks with EUIPO for the names IMS and IMQ. Seeing as both these names has the IM in it just like the concept, some people are saying that they oculd be the production model based on the IMx concept.

There were also talks about Nissan possibly revealing what these vehicles are at the Detorit Auto Show happening next when.

When Nissan showed off the IMx last year, the vehicle was fitted with two electric mtoors that will offer about 429hp and 516lb ft of torqye. The huge battery pack also allowed the vehicle to travel for 373miles of electric age.

The Nissan vehicle also came with the new ProPilot system from Nissan. It could also restract the steering wheel into the dashbpard and recline the seat so that the driver and relax and enjoy the ride.