No, The Model E Is Not A Tesla, It Is From Ford

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Tesla Motors is fast growing to become a leading player in the automotive industry. The carmaker has enjoyed great success with the Model S and Model X. Soon, Tesla will be launching their third car and it will be called the Model 3.

If you are wondering about the Model E, the name is not owned by Tesla Motors at all. Model E is patented by Ford and it will act as the carmaker’s first fully focussed EV car. Ford is already developing the Model E and they will unveil a concept vehicle at the LA Auto Show later this year.

It seems that Ford is ahead of things in the EV market. Analysts are claiming that Ford patented the name Model E as ‘insurance’ in case Tesla becomes successful. Ford’s strategy is working out well as they forced Tesla to adopt the name Model 3 instead of Model E.

It might not sound like much but it does help slow down Tesla Motors in the development of the Model 3. As for Ford, they will tap on the name popularity of the Model-series to market the Model E. What do you think?