One-Off 2017 Ford GT Is Completely Driver-Less!

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If you think that the 2017 Ford GT is a really rare supercar, wait till you learn about one specific model which can only operate without a driver.

Out of the 200 GTs produced, one unit is tuned to drive on its own 100% of the time and a review about this particular unit went viral earlier today. The video shows the 2017 GT in great detail before demonstrating how the car performs without a driver.

Okay, we don’t know how to take this any further. If you still can’t get the hint, you should know that we are joking about the self-driving GT. The reason we brought it up is because the 2017 Ford GT in the video below is owned and reviewed by John Cena.

The WWE superstar had just got his new GT delivered and we really like the Pimp My Ride vibe that comes with the review video.