One-Off Ford Mustang Caught With Lotus Elise Makeover!

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We have seen a large number of great-looking modded cars in our lives and there are an equal number of bad mods as well. But as bad as the overdone RICE Civics are, none of them are as bad as the Ford Mustang which we have witnessed today.

The Mustang is a muscle car that is considered decent looking when in stock form. However, one owner felt differently as he wanted the Mustang to look like a sports car in the mould of Lotus Elise.

Seeing that a car like the Elise is too costly to own, the lad thought that it was best to perform the modifications on his own hence resulting in the Mustang having its eyes swapped for the ones from the British sports car.

Everything just look plain wrong for the modded Mustang and it probably explains why the car is now being sold on Craiglist. Perhaps, to the creative mind, there is a tinge of retro sportiness with the modification and it can be defined as a masterpiece. Too bad we can’t see it that way.

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