Opel Turnaround Confirms Peugeot’s Guts Of Steel

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It is no secret that GM has sold off Opel to French company Peugeot. Opel was struggling to make gains under GM and it left the American brand with no other choice but to dismiss its European arm.

It was first thought off as a good business deal for GM, until today when it was reported that Opel has made a significant turnaround under Peugeot. The French brand has successfully made Opel profitable.

Reading into the details will tell you that the successful turnaround is owed to Peugeot having the guts to make bold decisions. Aside from slapping an Opel badge on established cars like how Skoda is for the Volkswagen Group, Peugeot went into extreme cost-cutting measures.

The axing of several employees may seem like harsh but it was a necessary move to save Opel from financial doom. GM never even tried this option.

The icing on the cake is with the new Opel cars that borrows Peugeot’s curves and it looks way better than the Opels under GM.