Pagani Huayra Schools Ford Mustang On How To Look Good At Car Meets!

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Car meets is a nice culture here in the US as it gets car enthusiasts together and talk about cars.

Unfortunately, car meets have also turned into a playground for egocentric drivers. These folks have the habit of showing off their driving skills at car meet and most of them ended up in an embarrassing crash video on YouTube.

The unlucky name here is the Ford Mustang as despite the muscle car being a great performance vehicle, its name has been tainted by bad drivers. More Ford Mustangs have crashed stupidly at car meets than other vehicles which explains the stigma.

So if you’re a Mustang driver and deep down you know that you are not good enough to drive the vehicle, then you should look up to the Pagani Huayra BC. The Huayra BC is a rare exotic supercar and one unit was spotted at a local car meet earlier today.

The Huayra BC showed off great control when it performed a light drift upon leaving the car meet. It is not much but the drift is just soft, subtle and purely beautiful to look at. Just see it for yourself in the video below: