Peds-Eating, Mustang Wannabe Corvette Z06 Bags Fail Award

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There are always new things to cover in the automotive scene, especially in the realm of Cars and Coffee. The car meet event is a pretty common happening here in the US and they always end in controversy.

Regardless of what car meet it is, 90% of the events will end sourly as there will be that one guy that will cause chaos through crashing his ride after trying to show-off.

The unfortunate bit here is that the Ford Mustang is the worst offender when it comes to crashing at car meets and they are also popular for running pedestrians and bystanders to the ground. Despite witnessing similar things happening at several car meets in 2017, we would still pick the Corvette Z06 ahead of the Mustang for best stunt gone wrong.

Just to serve as a refresher, the Corvette Z06 was trying to perform a stunt and like the Mustang, it went out of control and went straight into a crowd of people. It is an ugly sight and we can be glad knowing that nobody suffered any major injuries. You can check out the happening below.