Peugeot 208 Updated Design Exposed Before They Were Ready

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Peugeot will be heading to the Geneva Motor Show this year where they will be showing off their Peugeot 208 model but we won’t have to wait until the day to see it as new leaked images of the vehicle have already been making its round on the internet giving us all a clear look at what the new 208 will be offering when it arrives.

Besides coming in with a standard petrol engine versions, the 208 will also be getting EV option this time as spies have already spotted it getting juiced up out in the open. The vehicle will be fitted with a new set of headlights similar to what the 508 saloons are offering right now.

On the inside, the vehicle will be fitted with a huge touchscreen that stretches all the way to the driver side. The shifter also matches what we have seen in the 508.

It was reported that the EV model will be offering about 186 miles of electric range with its 50kWh battery pack. The motor would offer about 134hp which is not a lot but there might be a GTI model offered in the future that will have more power and torque to offer.