Polestar 2 New Teaser Shines More Light On Upcoming Coupe

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Polestar is getting ready to take the covers off the Polestar 2 soon but before that happens, they released a new teaser image to show us what the vehicle could offer when it arrives.

The latest teaser image showed the vehicle from a top down view and was actually relased in their official mobile app. We got to see some of the angular creases on the hood and a huge panoramic roof. We also got to see the LED lights.

The vehicle will be coming in as a four-door coupe model that will be powered by an zero-emission powertrain that would offer about 395hp and is expected to offer about 300miles right now.

Polestar has not reveal when they will be showing off the Polestar 2 but some people believe that the vehicle will be making an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle will also come with their Android-based HMI infotainment system.