Porsche 911 R Entangled On A Sharp Free Fall!

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About a year ago, Porsche brought out the brand new 911 R and the car is described as the ultimate driver’s vehicle. This cannot be helped as the 911 R comes with a 4L 6-pot naturally aspirated engine that is operated with a traditional 6-speed manual gearbox.

Such a setup allowed the 911 R to create a craze among driving enthusiasts and this resulted in the car suffering from extreme price mark-ups. If you can recall to Q3 last year, various dealers and resellers are putting up the 911 R for sale with prices averaging at $1 million.

This is a sharp inline over the MSRP of $185,950 and it led to some serious buyers being unhappy for it. Well, if $200,000 is truly your budget, then all you need to do is to wait a year longer because the 911 R has been caught on a sharp price free fall.

Our recent trip to a Porsche dealer saw the 911 R having a price market of $420,000 and this means that the prices are on a decline. The same pattern can be seen at other Porsche dealers hence it won’t be long before prices get restored to its MSRP level.