Porsche 911 Speedster Heading To New York?

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Porsche have already announce that theyw ill be having a press conference at the New York Auto Show next week but what else can we expect from Porsche?

According to the latest report, Porsche could be looking to show off a new vehicle and that the new vehcle could actually be the 911 Speedster. This was after CarBuzz reported that one person showed htem the invitation for the charity cocktail party.

We have alreayd seen what Porsche had in mind with the 911 Speedster concept but we still do not know how the actual production mdeol will look like. The vehicle will be the last model for the 991.

The concept was also powered by a flat-six engine that will be offering abuot 492hp but we do not know if this engine will making it over to the production model or not but most people believe it will be getting an upgraded version of the 4.0 liter flat six engine that offers about 493hp and 339lb ft of torque.