Porsche 911 Won’t Be Stop By Wet Roads

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As fun as it is to drive the Porsche 911, most people would want to slow down especially on wet roads but the new mode should help solve the Aquaplanning worries that some drivers might have.

The 2020 Porsche 911 will come with a few new features inlcuding the new “wet” mode. As the same alone would suggest, the new mode would help drivers tackle wet roads by helping the 911 eliminate aquaplanning which is pretty common for the Porsche 911 since it is light and has wide wheels and tires.

The system uses tiny microphone sensors that will measure the intensity of the water on the road that splash on the front wheel arches. The system will remind the driver if it thinks that the driver should switch to wet mode now.

By increasing the power distribution to the front wheels and reducing the engine torque buildup, triggering the aero flaps to increase downforce to keep the vehicle stable.