Porsche Taycan EV Caught The Eyes Of Tesla Buyers?

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Porsche has already announce that they are working on their own full electric vehicle called the Porsche Taycan and while we will still have to wait a little longer before we actually see the Taycan, it looks like the people are already looking forward to its arrival.

According to Porsche, if all the people that pre-ordered the Porsche Taycan does end up buying the vehicle, they would be sold out for the first year. Porsche also added that their customers comes from other brands like Audi, BWM nad Mercedes. They also mention that those who were curous about the Tesla are clearly still interested in this sort of vehicle.

We do not know what that means irght now but it does sound like customers that were interested in getting the Tesla models might be looking at getting the Porsche Taycan as well.

Although the Porsche Taycan will be sharing its platform with the Audi e-tron GT model, Porsche seems confident that it will not feel the same at all.