Porsche Taycan Promising Chevy Camaro Pricing!

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If you have about $70,000 to spend on a sports car, you will have a lot of models to choose from and among them is the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. The 650hp sports car is a proven performer on the track but you may want to skip this vehicle in favour of something better – a Porsche.

Porsche is the current king of performance cars right now as everything they produce ends up being a world-beater in the segments they compete in. This expectation is no different for the upcoming EV from Porsche, the Taycan.

Plenty has been revealed on the Taycan except for the vehicle’s price but that has changed last week when Porsche offered the world a clue on the matter. The German carmaker said that they want the Taycan to be priced between the Cayenne and the Panamera.

The former is priced from $65,700 whereas the latter is priced from $85,000. With that in mind, the Taycan could be in the $70,000 range and you should note that this pricing is before EV tax incentives.

For this amount of money, you will get to enjoy an all-economical EV that brings no compromise to the hallmark performance of a Porsche. For perspectives, the base Taycan will come with two electric motors that has a combined output of 592hp. This will allow the car to hit 62mph from stop in just 3.1 seconds.

The full details will be out at the LA Auto Show next month as that is when Porsche will pull the curtains off the Taycan.