PSA: Chevrolet Jolt Is A Hoax, It Is Not For Real

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How far would you go to pull a prank on the billions of people surfing the internet? For an unknown individual, his method would be setting up a website and claims that Chevrolet is building a new EV car called the Jolt.

If you are to proceed to (assuming it is still around), you will be greeted by ‘Chevrolet’s newest project’. The car in development is called the Jolt and it will be an EV car that is tuned for performance. The website also claims that the Jolt will arrive following the release of the Bolt EV.

Well, you must know that we have spoken to Chevrolet about it and there is no such thing as the Jolt. The website is nothing more than a hoax built to fool everyone. The developer went as far as copying the layout of the official Chevrolet website to make it look realistic.