RAM 3500 Affected By Government Shutdown

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The government shutting down could lead to a few unexpected delays with one of them possibly being the RAM 3500. According to FCA, new car launches are being delays as EPA is putting on hold their emission testing procedues which might then lead to further delays for these new models.

Mike Manley, the CEO of FCA reported that they were hoping to release the RAM 2500 and RAM 3500 this spring and while EPA has already certified the emission for the RAM 2500 model, the RAM 3500 has not gotten the greenlight from EPA.

FCA is not the only one affected by the shutdown as GM also reported that they are waiting for the decision on some of their 2020 models. Since EPA will need to certify these new vehicles and new engines before it can go on sale, these models might have to sit there and wait until this is over.