RAM 750: Ugly Recipe Can Give Jeep Scrambler A Boost!

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles is gearing towards the release of two new vehicles for the midsized pickup truck segment whereby one of them will be badged as a RAM and the other having Jeep’s logo on it.

In Jeep’s case, the vehicle has been confirmed to be the Scrambler and it will be based largely on the latest generation Wrangler. Spy photos of the Scrambler are widely available online and they strongly suggest the vehicle to be a standard Wrangler but with a pickup truck bed attached to its rear.

As for the midsized pickup truck from RAM, we have got no clue as to what it will be called. But today, rumours have surfaced online to suggest that the vehicle will be named the RAM 750 like the vehicle in Mexico but with a unibody design that progresses from the old Dodge Dakota.

The Dakota is the vehicle pictured above and if the next-gen model is to follow the same styling recipe, the vehicle won’t look attractive enough to compete with the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado.

But come to think of it again, having a bad design for the RAM 750 can be a great strategy for FCA as the unattractive styling can scare consumers away into getting the Jeep Scrambler. The verdict will be out when FCA launches the RAM 750 concept at the LA Auto Show this year.