RAM Confirms It Wants To Be A Cat!

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It is official. Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles have approved the development of the RAM TRX and it will the pickup truck relying on the 707hp V8 engine that is made famous on the Dodge Hellcat.

However, due to the weight and drivetrain of the TRX, the preview output has been underestimated by the carmaker with numbers sitting at 575hp.

But then again, if you are to consider that the large Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is able to maintain an output of 707hp, the TRX is likely to retain the original output of the Hellcat mill through some clever tunings.

As for when the TRX will be making its official production debut, FCA revealed that it will happen between now and 2022. Now, who would have thought that a goat, or sheep, would want to fuse with a cat from hell. The animal nomenclature is getting out of hand here.

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