Range Rover SV Coupe: Limited Model Won’t Be Happening

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We were all pretty impressed with what Land Rover had to show us last year when they were at the Geneva Motor Show. The Range Rover SV Coupe made its debut as a limited model with a huge price tag.

The factory-designed, custom two-door model was to be released with a $295,000 price tag. It would be powered by a 577hp V8 engine. Land Rover will only be making 999 units of the vehicle. As exciting as it sounds, it looks like we will never see it on the road as Land Rover has now announced that they will be canceling the vehicle.

Some customers that have already put down a deposit of the vehicle were told that they will not be getting one. According to Land Rover, they want to focus on their resources and investment on the next-gen of world-class products.

Are you sad that the Range Rover SV Coupe is not going to happen?